Thursday, January 10, 2013

Herbs Or Viagra

Viagra must be the most unnatural aphrodisiac of the 21 century.  Viagra cost much more than any other PDE-5 blockers or natural herbal alternatives available. That said it definitely does not cost as much as white rhino horn. For years white rhino horn was used by Asian men as a aphrodisiac and almost led to the extinction of this graceful animal.

If you like me you most probably want to stay away from the negative side effects of Viagra and price. Most users today have choices. One of these choices of course is herbal alternatives. But you probably ask me “Are these products trustworthy?” THEY ARE.

For thousands of years men have been using herbal alternatives instead of Viagra. They are cost effective and natural which means they have no almost side effects.  These herbal alternatives are not only good for people suffering from erectile dysfunction but also good for other health issues you may have or may get. These include a weak cardiovascular system or a hormone deficiency.
Natural alternatives are usually herbs that improve your sexuality and can usually be found in herbal/supplements form. If you do use other prescription drugs you may want to check if these herbs have any contra indication when used in conjunction.

Ginkgo Biloba (GB) is such a herbal alternative which have multiple benefits. It is known to relax blood vessels allowing better circulation which helps blood get to where it must go which is into the penis.

Horny Goat weed is another herb known for its sexual prowess. It’s been tested by scientist and have shown to increase nitric oxide levels. Insufficient levels of nitric Oxide have is shown to be responsible for 70% of men having erection dysfunction issues. 

Then there is little known herb called Cnidium. Not much has been written about this drug except that it is known to increase nitric oxide emission and it inhibits PDE-5. Flood flow improves to all areas of the body including the important pelvic area.

Even though Ginseng is not known to be sexual herb it has well documented to good at increasing energy and mood. So for men that tend to suffer from premature ejaculation this herb can be very beneficial if the males need to perform more than once.  Ginseng has been shown to increase a healthy sperm count. For more information on adult related material please visit our online blogs

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chinese men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

The Chinese medical Association has done a study on male erectile dysfunction in China. It was found that 26% of all men in China suffer from erectile dysfunction, that roughly 150 million men. 

The study also shows that 40% of men over the age of 40 experience male impotence in some way or another. Impotence refers to a male’s inability to have an erection or sustain an erection while performing sexually. This is a startling discovery as in the US only 18.4 % of men have had experience any issues according to Medical research companies.  The study also states that only 17% ever sought medical attention. Its believed that public awareness and social stigma are the reasons why these men never try to seek help.
Studies were carried out in 11 different cities in China.  It’s believe that 90% of these men the cause were psychological related while the rest were caused by a physical problem.  30% is said to both mental and physical. Its been noted by other studies that men that suffers from erectile dysfunction usually have other one other medical risk like cardiovascular disease or diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels or just a habitual smoker. Men who has erectile dysfunction should changed their lifestyle to include exercise and improve their eating habits to lessen the fat intake.  If the issues persist it would be advisable to go see a doctor. For more information on sexual libido please visit one of our blogs

Acupuncture and ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Eastern Treatments for Men suffering from Erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture has been used for centuries by men that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Off course this treatment is seen by many doctors and medical personal as a medieval method.  Their point usually shows that these methods have no scientific evidence to support that acupuncture has any influence on erectile dysfunction ED
Last Year 2009 a Korean Scientist conducted a review on the effects of acupuncture on people that suffer from erectile dysfunction. He found that that there is almost no physical evidence that support these claims. He also suggested that people who experience relief probably had the placebo effect. Medical personal says trying to treat yourself without consulting a doctor can be hazardous.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture goes hand in hand. It seen by many men and women as safe alternative for a wide variety of ailments and diseases.  The traditional healer makes a ruling based on Chinese medical hypothesis, and then determines which method would be the best for his or her problem. He can either use herbal medicine or perform acupuncture or a combination of both.
Chinese medical theory says there are two reasons for this disorder.  Mingmen Fire or Downward Flowing of Damp Heat. The system determines which one of the two is the culprit.  Most traditional practitioners believe that their methods can be very successful if treatment is pursued early.

Acupuncture is found on the hypothesis that there are 14 core energy pathways that run from head to toe along the body. An indication or a disorder takes place when there is an inequity in flow in these pathways. The placing of hair fine needles regulates the flow, removing the symptom. For more information about sexual awareness and sexual needs please visit one of our adult related blogs

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy with your Libido?

How happy will you be if you can improve your sexual performance and vitality? In some cases men don’t have any issues with their sexuality. They don’t suffer from issues like erectile dysfunction, impotence or premature ejaculation but they would like to enhance their sex life. They usually feel they can perform  satisfactory but just want that extra to be able perform above the norm. Alphamaleshop products restore sexual fitness and all our products are made from natural ingredients with no side effects.
Men have to admit that if you can be perform in the bed you will become confident in all other aspects of life. The general idea is to be confident without worrying about the nasty side affects.  Alphmaleshop products are seen as the leader in sexual health. Men who has been devastated from erectile dysfunction, impotence or just a weak sex drive will find our products the solution to all their ED problems.  All our Natural Viagra products are the beginning of a new area  for men suffering from any sexual dysfunction issues. 
Normal Viagra is not without issues. This drug has almost 20 different side effects listed on their packaging ranging from going blind, seeing blue spots and death in some extreme cases.  Alphamaleshop products can enhace your life safely. Our blends of natural herb, vitamins and minerals can change your life forever. Remember the sexual energy you had when you were young. Energize your sexual life now with our Male Enhancement products.  Some men suffering from Diabetes have no choice but to avoid PDE-5 drugs like Viagra thus they turn to our powerful herbal alternatives.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chinese Herbs for Low Libido

Before western medicine Chinese medicine used herbs to enhance their libido. These herbs are taken by thousands even billions of people every day to enhance their sex life. We will discuss 6 herbs that have been used successfully by men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
First on the list Cnidium. Its chemical makeup has been compared to synthetic medicine like Viagra. Its known to increase Nitric Oxide and inhibit PED-5.
Horny Goat weed has been listed as one of the most powerful sexual herbs ever taken.  Not only does it increase testosterone levels but also stimulate the glands that produce Nitric Oxide. Men have also found that this herb increases energy levels and sexual drive and stamina.
Chinese Medicine most used herb is known as Ginseng. The herb enhances blood flow to the extremities of the body. Increases testosterone levels, increase sperm mobility and just enhances general energy levels and mood.
Ginkgo Biloba has been voted as the greatest circulatory herb ever cultivated. Increases blood flow to the brain and the body own blood network of blood vessels. This herbs has been linked to other health benefits including enhancing memory, cerebral awareness and reducing psychological exhaustion.
Jujube Fruit are consumed by men with the following problems. Fatigue, debility, restlessness and those who suffer from depleted energy levels.  This herb contains a multitude of Vitamins including Vitamin A, B-2, C Calcuim. Maybe not seen as a strict sexual enhancing drug but are known to help with overall health.
Tongkat Ali is well known for its ability to increase sexual drive among men and women.  This herb contains a super oxidant called dismutase, a anti-oxidant enzyme that kills of radicals inside the body which can be harmful. Tongkat Ali also contains a so-called bio active substance called dismutase an anti-oxidant enzyme which amplifies testosterone production among men and lowers SHBG levels. All and all this herb improves libido and increase sperm production and mobility. If you are suffering from Low libido or have fertility issues you may think about using Tongkat Ali
All these herbs are known to increase Libido levels. By increasing Nitric Oxide, testosterone levels and enhancing blood flow the male improves his sexual wellness. These herbs have been used for thousands of years by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Please checkout other awesome sexy blogs for more information on sex adult toys

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pharmaceutical sex drugs

Pharmaceutical sex drugs are being used by millions every day. These drugs are widely viable all over counter of internet. Most people buying from internet sites do this for 2 reasons. Price and to avoid embarrassing moments with the doctor or chemist. Even though advertising campaign and schemes have lessen the last past years the drug popularity has risen tremendously.

Pharmaceutical companies
Magic drugs like Viagra seem so simple.  You have a problem. You drink the pill. You get an erection and you perform. Everyone is happy? No more erectile dysfunction.
Of course it’s not so simple.
Let’s look at all problems that arise from using drugs like VIAGRA, LEVITRA, CIALIS


Its the first PDE 5 inhibitor ever created and also the most well known. It’s estimate that the drugs works with 70% of men. This means 30% are not happy with the drug. Men who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, liver issues and low blood pressure are caution not to use Viagra. Multiple men have suffered heart attacks and strokes while they were using Viagra. Other side effects include vision goes blurry (some see blue dots), upset tummy, headache, tremors and of course a prolong erection that does not seem to go down.


Another PDE 5 inhibitor, Levitra helps to increase blood flow to the penis and help men achieve longer stronger erection. It basically works for 6 hours after that you need another dose. Doctors suggest that you stick to a single dose as side effects goes up dramatically. Again men suffering from heart disease should avoid using this drug as this drug puts so much pressure on the heart. Side effects include runny nose, blushing(flushing), tummy problems, blurry vision, lightheadedness and sensitivity to light.


PED5 inhibitor. As the others this drug works by increasing blood flow to groin area so the male can achieve an erection. Men suffering from heart disease, are prone to strokes, have high cholesterol are told not to use this drug at any cost. It’s also been noted that men smoking and are over the age of 50 should also avoid using this drug. Side effects include blur vision sore muscles, runny nose, back pain, indigestion. In severe cases it’s been noted that the decrease blood flow to optic nerve has been known cause sudden vision loss. This can be terrifying  experience for a new user. Would you like to checkout our sexy gadgets, please visit our online sex blog

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Treating Erectile dysfunction (ED) Naturally

Thousands of males have serious erectile dysfunction issues worldwide. It’s a known fact that about 40% of males of all ages experience erectile dysfunction somewhere in their lives. This can become a very trivial issue among males and females. A healthy sex life is as important as a partnership between man and women, thus when there is problems it can put a lot of strain on a relationship.
There is multiple causes for impotence. Doctors have narrowed the reasons down to the following elements. The list starts with Stress, Tension or Blood flow and other medication which hampers a man’s ability to perform sexually or obtain an erection.
Cures and so called remedies can be found everywhere. Since Viagra became a household name, men have started to use PDE-5 Blockers at every occasion, now men have turned to herbal remedies that effectively treat these issues. Science has brought you ways to effectively treat the main causes. In most cases a lack of blood flow to the penis is the main reason why men suffer from ED. If this issue is sorted out man can achieve his former glory.
Natural remedies basically relates to alternative herbal drugs. These alternative drugs are seen as alternatives to chemically manufactured prescription drugs. The first PDE5 drug to hit the market goes by the name of Viagra. This well known drug was first discovered by mistake when doctors found that this drug they prescribed for hypertensions also have an effect on the penis. Even though this drug is known for its positive effects it has multiple side effects including blue vision to a painful erection. In some extreme cases men died using the drug. In must be noted that these men usually had underlying medical issues.

Helpful tips for men suffering from ED

The tip you as a guy need to consider are to think about your eating habits. Living healthy lifestyle will have an immediate effect on the body and mind. Exercise regularly and keep the blood flowing again. This will partly eliminate high cholesterol which is known to ED. By exercising everyday your body start to release all impurities by sweating it out. The healthier you become the longer and more powerfull your erection will become. Some men have found that practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis have helped them if they were suffering from Ed. For more information adult toys for men please visit one our many online sexual health blogs or sites